M.A.K.E. & TAKE Arts Workshops July 20, 2019 at 9:00am

M.A.K.E & TAKE Arts Workshops (M.ontgomery A.rts K.reative E.vent) Saturdays @ The Armory Learning Arts Center: July 20, October 5 2019, 9:00am - 12:00pm (unless otherwise noted). Supplies & snack included in fees listed. Register & pay online! Beginners to experienced, all levels are welcome. Limited number per workshop. Ages, fees, details, and class location listed under each workshop description. For those interested in submitting for PD or CEUs, a signed certificate of completion of the hours of participation and instruction will be provided by request.

Saturday July 20th - 6 Workshop Options: 

Super Seniors Basic Self-Defense with Debbie Baxter Robison

Tango Immersion - Fundamentals Workshop with Lynda Wilson

Logo Design Process & Branding with Alana Taylor

Summer Swords for the Screens! - Acting Workshop with James P. Henry

Slab to Fab! - Pottery Workshop with Margaret Barber

Non-Toxic Oil Painting with Toska Courbron

Online registration will open soon!

Catalog of July 20, 2019 workshops: Make And Take Workshops 7 20 19

Catalog of past April 13, 2019 workshops: Make And Take Workshops 4 19


Scroll down for descriptions of each workshop below; please see the pdf catalog (above) for full details & pictures.   

1. Super Seniors Self-Defense Course

Instructor: Debbie Baxter Robison, Thorn of the Rose Self-Defense

Meets: 9-11am

Fee: $25 / 2 hour course

Meets on the 3rd floor, elevator access available from the lobby

Ages: 55+

Debbie has developed self-defense classes, courses and seminars that cover many different areas including hand-to-hand self-defense, as well as how to defend against or use weapons, outdoor survival, and her forte’ the nonphysical, such as dealing with bullies or domestic violence.  You will be surprised at what you can learn to help keep you safe!  “I look forward to teaching you that ‘YOU HAVE A CHOICE’ in your everyday safety!”


About the instructor: Debbie is a certified teacher of Personal Self-Defense, with a 2nd degree Black belt in Bujinkan Ninjutsu, but is no longer teaching martial arts.  She is concerned with the everyday safety of ourselves and those we love.  She started her training in 1988, was vice president of a martial arts school for eight years, and has continued teaching after she closed it in 1998.  She has recently moved back to her hometown of Columbus, GA where she has opened Thorn of the Rose Self-Defense School, dedicated to the education of self-defense.  Their motto is “You Have a Choice” in your personal safety.  

2. Tango Immersion – Fundamentals Workshop

Instructor: Lynda Wilson, Tango Salon

Meets: 10am-12pm

Fee: $60 / couple / 2 hour workshop (min 1 couple, max 5 couples)

Meets in the 2rd floor fitness studio, elevator access available from the lobby

Ages: 18+

No dance experience needed!  This workshop is for those brand new to Argentine tango and for those tangueros wanting more confidence and clarity in the basics.  We will cover tango techniques, floor craft, and basic vocabulary.  Participants will receive a coupon to attend an upcoming tango party!  You will need to register with a partner.  (Note: No partner is required to attend the Tango Basics & Beyond classes at The Armory Learning Arts Center on Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm.)  Shoes: smooth-soled, closed-toe shoes, with medium to low heels are recommended for this workshop. 

About the instructor: Lynda Wilson earned a bachelor’s degree in sculpture, and has studied different dance forms – including modern, ballet, jazz, and ballroom.  For over a decade, she has focused extensively on Argentine tango, with masters in the U.S. and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She teaches locally and nationally.  She views dance as “moving sculpture”, and tango as “a conversation without words”. 

3. The Logo Design Process

Instructor: Alana Taylor

Meets: 9am-12pm

Fee: $100

Meets in the Anita P. Folmar Art Gallery, main floor off the lobby

Ages: 18+

In this workshop you will learn the creative process to create a great logo.  Students will leave understanding the right questions to answer when creating their design.  They will understand that every design choice must have a purpose.  Topics will also be covered in branding and marketing your business identity.  Students will leave with knowledge of the design process and effective visual communication and branding/marketing, as well as sketches of designs.  Students will need a phone with Internet access for simple research.  *After the class, students can have their design created by the Instructor or assistant at a discount if the student does not have the knowledge or programs to create one. 

About the instructor: Currently based in Montgomery Alabama, Alana “Enfinity” Taylor has been experimenting with and refining her skills as a creative artist.  She brings a collaborative influence with her works, having experience in many industries and mediums including crafts, digital media and classic art styles such as painting & ceramics.  This allows her to create designs and processes that result in unique projects.

As a Communication & Art Major, Alana understands the creative process is just as important as the art story being told.  She currently is an Art Professor at Alabama State University in which she teaches courses in digital art, film, and photography. 

4. Summer Swords for the Screen!

Instructor: James P. Henry, IV

Meets: 9am-12pm

Fee: $36

Meets in the 2rd floor music studio, elevator access available from the lobby

Ages: 12+

Max: 12 students

In this workshop you will learn basic sword stage combat techniques and how to adapt them for film!  Students will get the chance to film their own fight scenes and will be provided with a copy of the basic edit of the fight!  No prior stage combat experience needed; we will be learning the ABC's of stage combat and how to put the techniques together!  Students will also get a special prop to keep in addition to the basic edit of the scene.  NOTE: video clips will be sent via Dropbox but if you want a different method please bring a memory card/stick.  Students should wear comfortable easy to move in clothing and CLOSED-TOE SHOES!  NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS! 

About the instructor: James P. Henry IV Is a professional actor and fight choreographer based out of Montgomery Alabama.   He has been an Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors since 2008, and has worked as an actor, fight choreographer, fight captain and acting instructor since 2009.  He received his MFA in acting from Regent University. Additionally he has helped to coordinate workshops and direct showcases both in Montgomery and in Virginia Beach.  

5. Slab to Fab!

Instructor: Margaret Barber

Meets: 9am-12pm

Fee: $75

Meets in the basement pottery studio, no elevator access at this time

Ages: 11+

Max: 12 students

Create your own slab container and decorate it with your personal narrative.  Bring something of meaning with you to impress into clay…lace, buttons, shells, stamps, etc.  Instruction, clay, tools, firing, and glazing are all included in the fee.  Students will choose their glaze, and projects will be fired and ready to pick up within a week after the class.

About the instructor: Margaret, a native of Mississippi, has over twenty years of experience working with clay.  She teaches beginning to advanced pottery classes at The Armory Learning Arts Center and is a practicing artist.  She enjoys hiking, running, and playing with her grandchildren. 

6. Non-Toxic Oil Painting

Instructor: Toska M. Courbron

Meets: 9am to 12pm

Fee: $75 / 3 hour course – paint and materials included

Meets on the 2nd floor art studio, elevator access available from the lobby

Ages: 18+


WHAT YOU WILL DO:   You will create your own work of art to take with you!

Don’t be fooled!  Odorless turpentine is not less harmful than one with odor.  May actually be more harmful because you can’t smell it!  

What you will need to bring:  Your paintings will by 8 x 10 inches.  They will be wet, so you need to bring a wet-paint carrier if you have one or just a piece of cardboard or box to take it home with you.

What to wear:  You may need to wear a smock, or apron, or shirt you don’t mind getting paint on.  WSO paints will wash off with soap and water!  But, some paints may stain.

About the instructor: Toska Courbron is a signature member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama and on the Alabama Plein Air Artists (APAA) Board of Directors along with maintaining their website.  Toska developed drawing and painting skills in high school where she earned a little money selling drawings of the Beatles and horse portraits.   Toska is a Certified Fraud Examiner-Retired, has a BS is Accounting, and MS in Management.  She moved around the Country working as an accountant for private industry (12 years) and an Audit Manager for the  Navy and Air Force (32 plus years).  During this time, she was a member of several art organizations and won numerous awards, including National Awards in watercolor and pastels and best in show in oils.

Toska is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Georgia Watercolor Society, Selma Art Guild, Alabama Pastel Society and on Board of Directors for Alabama Plein Air Artists.  She previously served on the Watercolor Society of Alabama, Board of Directors, and Secretary of the Elmore County Art Guild, Alabama. 

Since retiring, she is devoting her time and effort into promoting and teaching art.  She especially emphasizes the importance of a painting being “painterly”.  (Showcase the medium.)  Motto is:  “Think Paint”. 

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