About The Arts Council of Montgomery

The Arts Council of Montgomery’s mission is to educate, encourage, and nurture the River Region’s residents by providing unique cultural arts experiences.

The Arts Council of Montgomery, founded in 1977 by the city of Montgomery’s Cultural Arts Office, is now an independent non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing art education in the River Region. The council sponsors a series of annual programs designed to instruct and reward students in the visual, performing and literary arts. With popular acronyms like ‘DOOT’ and ‘ACES,’ these programs impact thousands of students every year and focus on numerous disciplines, including vocal and instrumental music, dance, theater, and a wide variety of visual mediums. Program costs and scholarships are supported solely through fees, grants, and other donations

The Arts Council is made up of a unique cross section of volunteers, including city council appointees and representatives of most of the area’s major arts organizations. Housed in Montgomery’s Armory Learning Arts Center, the council also manages the Anita P. Folmar Art Gallery, which offers regular exhibitions of both student and professional work. The council understands the importance of artistic instruction and expression as part of a well-rounded education and seeks to nurture creativity. Through its work, it hopes to instill in our youth a lifelong appreciation of the arts.


Danae Morgan serves as Executive Director for the Arts Council of Montgomery and the Armory Learning Arts Center. Contact Danae at dmorgan@montgomeryal.gov.

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